Monday, May 5, 2008

The Whynatte

Yea, I forgot to tell y'all about the Whynatte, the drink you see featured on my shirt in a few photos. The Whynatte is an accessory to my coffee domination tour. Its the latest after-hours coffee drink to sweep the nation, and I'm bringing it to the Southeast, well, I'm helping spread word.

So, what is the Whynatte? Let's just say, it's a drink of contradictions. Hot and cold, milk and licorice, stimulant and depressant (more on that). So, you may ask, what is in the Whynatte? It's a hot latte, not too hot, bombed with a "colder than ice" shot of Jaegermeister. It's even an official Jaeger drink, featured on their website.

For more on the Whynatte, see

Remember, always drink responsibily, use fresh coffee and fresh milk.


ben said...

you really should swing through charleston, s.c., on the way back. the only other two worthy joints in the state are there.

the brand-new metto, in mount pleasant, and muddy waters on james island. only minutes apart. worth the detour.



Jesse said...

I was just in Charleston, but was actually staying about 10 minutes outside the city, without a car, and tied up in meetings for the majority of time. Thus, I didn't have a chance to hit either of those stores. Bummer.

Anyway, there is always Octane here in Atlanta, and I plan to pay them a visit soon.

Thanks for pimping the Whynatte for us. Much appreciated! Great stuff, keep in touch.