Monday, May 5, 2008

Day 2: Octane Coffee in Atlanta

I'm here now at Octane, enjoying some sweet shots of CounterCulture and a press of Sumatra Gayo Aceh. It's all good. The cinnamon twist sticks are amazing (a great pairing with the thick body and subtle spiciness of the Sumatra). From here, we'll be hitting up Coffee and Crema in Greenville, and maybe West End Coffee Roasters. More coffee stuff: we also had a press of Biloya (spelling?) Natural (Ethiopian, in spirit of the SCAA convention), and a "Shakaroo," the "barista's whim" drink prepared by Charro. Charro also highly recommends the CoffeeMaker, made famous by Murky Coffee in D.C. Speaking of Murky, how 'bout that dynamic duo at the SCAA, emcees Nick Cho and James Hoffmann?

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