Monday, May 5, 2008

Day 2: In Asheville, will Coffee Dominate Tomorrow

Well, we didn't make it to Brew and Ewe. It rained, what can I say? I did pick up a half-pound of Crema wet-processed Ethiopian Misty Valley, in the spirit of all things Ethiopian at the SCAA conference. We got to enjoy a great Indian meal at Mela in Asheville, as recommended by a customer at Coffee and Crema.

Funny enough, Mela was just up the street from Izzy's Coffee Den. We dropped by and chatted with Liz (no coffee after 4 pm for me), who was relieved to hear that there ARE coffee lovers in South Florida. I am now known as the Traveling CoffeeGeek. I've been called worse. Anyways, Liz gave me Mary's (at the Asheville Counter Culture Training Lab) number, so we'll try to drop by there tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll get some time on the machines to refresh my commercial machine skill, and keep the Barista Wisperer at bay. Tsss.

More coffee tomorrow at Izzy's. Wednesday, we'll visit Jason at Dilworth, and go from there.

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