Sunday, May 4, 2008

Day 1 of Southeast Coffee Domination Tour 2008

Today was Volta Coffee. The first qualified coffee shop in Florida. Anthony took good care of us with Clover coffee, Intelly Black Cat espresso, lattes, sipping chocolate, and some great eating chocolate. I contributed a vaccuum pot demonstration. I'll send Anthony some complimentary coffee when I get back, maybe a Whynatte sticker, too. The layout of Volta was awesome, and the equipment was even better, with Clover, a GS/5, Mazzer Robar, and sinks galore!

After Volta, we continued on to Atlanta, but not without stumbling on Old Coffee Road. It was a pretty run down area, coincidence? The sign even says, "STOP Old Coffee." Look like FDOT is looking for a little help with coffee domination. Remember kids, always roast fresh, grind fresh, and brew fresh, or you'll end up in a run-down motel on a street called Old Coffee. Oh yea, and don't forget to share the coffee love.


Prosumer said...

Alright everyone, bear with me on the formatting, first blog.

Anonymous said...

This site is great...lots of info for the aficionado...but not too stuffy...who is the babe on the left at Volta? BAP

Matt said...

Yes yes STOP Old Coffee!
Assuming it has already been roasted. Thanks for doing the blog!