Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 3: Izzy's Coffee Den in Asheville

Hello all loyal readers. We are stationed currently at Izzy's Coffee Den in downtown Asheville. Liz pulled a clopen and is our barista this morning. Izzy's is the place to go if you'd like an everything bagel with your coffee (they actually have everything on BOTH sides of the bagel, amazing). Liz pulls shots of Counter Culture's Tuscano off of a two-group Astoria, with a Astoria-badged Mazzer. The craziest feature of all is the unique tamping stand/tamper holder, made from PVC and iron pipe. Of all the coffee shops visited so far, Izzy's is by far the busiest, just booking on a Tuesday morning, all the way till 11 am. It's a bit quieter now, so I'll try to snap some photos, no promises, though.

Fortunately, this shop is also the first to offer shirts. I'll try to get one in my size. Side note: some crazy artwork, focusing on cows. I guess they're big about milk around here. By the taste of the latte, they're sourcing some good stuff.

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