Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First Meeting of the Semester

Hello all,

This is an announcement: Cupping Club will be having its first meeting of the Spring '09 Semester on Friday, Jan. 23rd at 2 pm in the Burrow. We will be sampling the Geisha cultivar from Panama, courtesy of Rogers Family Coffee Co. We will also sample Starbucks Guatemala Casi Cielo. Depending on the response, we may also sample another homeroasted coffee from Latin America.

Just a little club business: we have chosen Friday at 2 pm as the best meeting time for the following reasons:
1. I am unavailable Monday and Friday
2. Many of our members are unavailable Tuesday and Thursday
3. 2 pm allows participants to have coffee earlier in the day, lest they are sensitive to caffeine
4. It's after Forum, I figure most people could use a pick-me-up after that
5. It allows faculty and staff to attend
6. It fits in with the campus goal of encouraging resident students to stay the weekend

Finally, we will have our budget proposal presentation at 2 pm on Sunday, Jan. 25th. If you feel that this club benefits the campus and the community, please take the time to send me a message or comment. I will take any feedback to our budget presentation to show the support our club has.

Thank you,

Brendon Parsons
Club President

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