Thursday, July 31, 2008

Coffee on the Home Front

Well, it's finally happened, the espresso upgrade bug has bitten. A few weeks back, I contracted the upgrade fever. In the past, I was able to avoid upgrading my espresso set-up by exploring other brewing methods, pour-over drip and vac pot, and by focusing on my roasting. However, I knew all along that I was just delaying the inevitable. Thanks to the release of a weak-dollar fortified, American-made espresso machine, the Salvatore One Black, I will soon have an appropriate E61 machine (two more weeks). Also, thanks to fortuitous timing on the CoffeeGeek buy, sell, trade forum, I now own a second-hand La Cimbali Jr. commercial espresso grinder.

These photos are borrowed from, and, respectively. I will provide my own photos once I obtain a decent camera.

Update: La Cimbali Jr. arrived safe and sound last week, and is now a productive member of the Cafe del Dormio espresso bar. Baratza Virtuoso has been transfered to the drip bar/travel grinder department.

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Prosumer said...

Ugghhhh...still waiting...Salvatore overestimated it's production capabilities.